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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

All links have been updated!

All the pointers on this site have been refreshed using new MEGA links. Also, all old posts (published prior to May 2019) should be redownloaded, as I have now systematically fixed the EQ from the high-end-heavy AT150MLx for all the old rips.** I also get the impression that many have not heard several of the things posted here, so to get you started on a downloading extravaganza, here are some of the Poodle's favorites:

My favorite post for a major-label album: here!

My favorite post for a bootleg album (also by far the most popular post!): here!

My favorite post for an obscure private pressing: here!

My favorite post for a 45: here!

The pop-iest entry on this site: here!

The hardest rocking entry on this site: here!

The most psychedelic entry on this site: here!

**The EQ on some of the old posts had already been fixed before. To check if you already have the corrected version, just look at the Comments tag on a file and see if "EQ Subtraction" is mentioned. If it is, you're good to go.

Enjoy, and I hope you're able to find something new that you love. Please let me know if you find any issues or inconsistencies. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel for regular '60s/'70s music-related videos. Stay tuned; more soon... ~"tpb"