Monday, July 30, 2018

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom - The Psychedelic Bedroom EP (1996) [Norway]

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom - The Psychedelic Bedroom EP
Original 1996 Norwegian EP (Discogs)
Perfect Pop Records POP 24
~ThePoodleBites rip in 96kHz / 24bit FLAC + full high-res scans~

This is an extraordinarily rare and coveted 7" EP which was released in a limited run of 300 copies in 1996. The Orange Alabaster Mushroom is the performing name for Greg Watson, who here demonstrates a clear mastery of neo-psychedelic sounds, complete with tremolo organ, fuzz guitar, and great high vocal harmonies. 

We need to give a HUGE thanks goes to @PsychTrailMix for pitching in for this one -- thanks yet again, man!

These tracks were reissued in 2000 on the CD compilation Space & Time: A Compendium Of, but there the tracks are sourced from a vinyl rip of this EP which was unabashedly uncleaned, compressed, and limited into digital submission. This new rip offered here restores the tracks' full fidelity, which unfortunately still has some distortions that are inherent in the recording. Regardless, these tracks are certainly classics. "(We Are) The O.A.M." is such a catchy tune but still so marvelously psychedelic, and just when you're asking if Watson's allusion could be any more obvious, he finishes this opening track with the line: "Let every psilocybinist recite/The orange alabaster mushroom."

My personal favorite track here is "Another Place," which is an astounding product with not only great songwriting but incredible production. The track is at least 20 minutes too short. It begins with a guitar arpeggio and bass ostinato, then suddenly the cymbals splash in and, along with the second guitar, introduce the triplet-based countermelody. When the mesmerizing vocal melody enters, it appears to float and pulsate above the musical stage, crafting a three-dimensional soundscape of "another place where I can go." 

Track Listing:
1) "(We Are) The Orange Alabaster Mushroom" -- 3:12
2) "Tree Pie" -- 2:59
3) "Another Place" -- 4:05
4) "Rainbow Man" -- 3:00

Dynamic range: DR 11
Vinyl condition: NM

– Audio-Technica AT150MLx Dual Moving-Magnet Cartridge
– Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct Drive Professional Turntable (internal stock preamp/ADC removed)
– TCC TC-754 RIAA Phono Preamp (new regulated power supply, added LM7812 regulator)
– Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 MkII (96kHz / 24bit)
– Adobe Audition CC 2018 (recording)
– iZotope RX 6 Audio Editor (manual declicking, remove rumble, additional adjustments)
– Audacity 2.2.2 (fades between tracks, split tracks)
– Foobar2000 v1.3.19 (tagging, dynamic range analysis)


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  1. Thanks very much for the 2 Orange Alabaster singles ,bought the LP back when it came out , all great music, J.

  2. Many thanks for all these wonderful rips TPB, sounds fantastic. gnihtytterp

  3. What you mean with Norway in the title....the group is from Ontario Canada i presume...

    1. Yes, but this record was pressed on a Norwegian label:
      This copy came from a dealer in the UK, as did my copy of 'The Slug'.