Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ultimate Spinach – Behold & See (1968) [Mono] 2017 Sundazed

Ultimate Spinach – Behold & See (1968)
Original 1968 Mono Mix
2017 Sundazed Music LP 5553
~ThePoodleBites rip in 96kHz/24bit + full scans~

As one of my favorite albums, I was very excited to see that Sundazed was reissuing the impossible-to-find (promo-only) mono mix of this classic psych LP. Although it’s not perfect, it’s nice to finally have a physical copy of this. I’ve also included the Amazon “AutoRip” MP3 download for this, since it is clearly a different mastering and sounds quite different. Finally, the full versions of all the tracks, re-released officially!

It sounds to me like Sundazed did a little patching at the beginning and ending of some tracks. Either some parts were patched from an LP, or suffered a bit of noise reduction. Regardless, this pressing is certainly worth a listen. I have equalized this rip to a much more natural sound, without the weird treble boost that was applied to the mastering on this LP.

This LP mastering is quite spotty, with sections spliced from vinyl and others from tape, with different EQ applied to each. I think the original version of “Suite: Genesis Of Beauty (In Four Parts)” is probably one of the most unevenly mastered songs of all time. Now it sounds much better. Actually I think it’s safe to say that my “remaster” of Sundazed’s “remaster” is probably the best-sounding mono version available digitally for now. I have included the versions without my EQ (if for some reason you want to hear them), which are available in the “Unequalized” folder. The last track “Fragmentary March Of Green” is not because it did not require any equalization — I think the whole track is sourced from a vinyl rip.

I'd love to find an original mono promo of this record to replace this rip, but alas, they are seldom to be found ...

Vinyl Condition: Mint (brand new!)
Dynamic Range: DR13
– Audio-Technica AT150MLx Dual Moving-Magnet Cartridge
– Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct Drive Professional Turntable (internal stock preamp/ADC removed)
– TCC TC-754 RIAA Phono Preamp (new regulated power supply, added LM7812 regulator)
– Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 MkII (96kHz / 24bit)
– Adobe Audition CC 2017.0.2 (recording)
– iZotope RX 5 Audio Editor (light declick, remove subsonic rumble, mono collapse)
– Audacity 2.1.2 (fades between tracks, split tracks)
– Foobar2000 v1.3.14 (tagging, dynamic range analysis)

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2HCgdPZLIqXZXZDRXhDUGpockk?usp=sharing
Enjoy, and as always, comments are welcomed and appreciated!


  1. Great Album of an almost forgotten band......awesome!

  2. Thanks for sharing your remaster of the 'remastered,' Ultimate Spinach 'Behold and See.' I previously owned an original 'promo only' copy of the LP (since lost to a purge) and was unaware that Sundazed had reissued it. I'm now anxious to hear it once again under the sonic improvement of your impressive skills. My gratitude!

    1. Hi Miles, I recently purchased an original yellow-label promo copy off eBay but it was only in VG- condition (perhaps you were the seller!). I'm astonished at how closely I was able to reproduce the sound of an original here without ever hearing one! Although the original has slightly better top end response, this copy is not clean enough to warrant a rip. If I find another someday, I will gladly work on an upgrade.