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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Eddy Detroit With King Heathen - The Philosopher's Journey (1987)

Eddy Detroit With King Heathen - The Philosopher's Journey

Original 1987 Private Pressing
Pan Records – ED 2  (Discogs)
~ThePoodleBites rip at 96 kHz / 24 bit FLAC + full high-res scans!~

Although it was recorded and released in the late-1980s, this album by Eddy Detroit -- his second -- has sounds which are clearly derived from the 1970s UK folk scene. The first comparison that comes to mind is Comus, but "Early One Morning" has very pleasant Incredible String Band vibes and "How Could I?" gets freaky enough at the end to remind me of Oliver, which is awesome. Overall, though, the singing is a bit too nasally and the songs feel too sparse for me. Nonetheless, I figure that there are many who will disagree with my assessment, and given that this is a rare acoustic-experimental prog-folk album which has never been reissued, it fits right in on this blog.

Many thanks to C.F. for supplying this rarity from his archives!

I did the raw transfer for this album in May 2020, before Eddy Detroit passed away on 15 June 2021. May the sound quality of this post do well for his memory. R.I.P.

Track listing:
1) "Ghost Dance" -- 3:44
2) "Time Alone" -- 2:07
3) "Madam Lenormond" -- 2:13
4) "Land Of Lepers" -- 5:41
5) "Early One Morning" -- 3:16
6) "Lot Of Wasteland" -- 2:45
7) "Flying Horses" -- 3:43
8) "Port Of Amsterdam" -- 3:19
9) "Philosopher's Journey" -- 1:52
10) "How Could I?" -- 4:57
11) "Door Mouse" -- 5:06
12) "Flashed On The Pavement" -- 2:37

Vinyl Condition: M-
Dynamic Range: DR 14

Equipment Lineage:
– Audio-Technica VMN40ML stylus on AT150MLx dual moving-magnet cartridge
– Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB direct drive professional turntable (internal stock preamp/ADC removed)
– Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 Ultra preamp with dedicated Zero Zone linear power supply
– Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 MkII (96kHz / 24bit)
– Adobe Audition CC 2020 (recording)
– iZotope RX 9 audio editor (manual declicking, EQ subtraction, additional adjustments)
– Audacity 2.3.3 (fades between tracks, split tracks)
– Foobar2000 v1.6.9 (tagging, dynamic range analysis) 
Full album also available on YouTube here:

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Enjoy ... :)



  1. Thanks for all your posts, tpb. I've had quite a few over the years and have never thanked you!

  2. Thanks for the Eddy Detroit - never heard about this one. Superb job you've done. Take care, cheers, Karl

  3. Many thanks for share this rarity, really appreciated stuff!!

  4. This great, couldn't have guessed I'd hear a song Bowie covered! Thank you so much. Like Modality Stew, it feels very out-of-its-time. -Justin

    1. Hey, glad you like it, Justin! :)
      "Amsterdam" is a song by Jacques Brel, the great French singer/songwriter who for example also wrote "Ces gens-là" (covered by Ange) and "La chanson de Jackie" (a.k.a. "Jackie" made famous by Scott Walker). The former is a big favorite for me:
      Weirdly, "Amsterdam" is attributed to 'Traditional' here -- perhaps Eddy didn't know about Brel, or just wanted to avoid paying royalties?