Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck - I / Funny Feeling (1968) [Original 1st Canadian Mono Single]

Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck - "I" / "Funny Feeling"
Original Mono 45 RPM Single (1st Version) 
London Records M. 17363 / TCP Records TCP. 106
~ThePoodleBites Rip in 96kHz / 24bit FLAC + full high-res scans~

Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck is a well-known Canadian psychedelic group who managed to release two solid albums on Capitol Records in '68-'69. Before both of those records, though, the band had a little-known non-LP single, which is presented here digitally for the first time. This single was originally released on London Records and TCP Records (distributed by London) in 1968. While technically on a major label, obviously not many copies were produced, as by 1969 the band had re-recorded both sides in glorious stereo for reissue on their own Duck Records label. The earlier 1968 first version (in mono) is the more raw recording of the two. To my ears there are strong California vibes here, bringing in a rural wave a la early Jefferson Airplane or The Byrds. Nevertheless both sides are worth enjoying & be sure to check out their full-length records if you haven't already been turned on to them.

Thanks to C.F. for his major contributions: both for lending out these 45s and
for the help with research!

Both the orange-label London release (likely a promotional variant of the stock blue-label version, which also exists) and the TCP version were made with identical stampers. I've included raw transfers from both as usual, and ended up using whichever one played cleaner for the final restoration. Scans of the labels from both variants are included as well.

Track Listing:
1) "I" -- 3:19
2) "Funny Feeling" -- 3:43

Dynamic Range: DR12

– Audio-Technica AT150MLx Dual Moving-Magnet Cartridge
– Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct Drive Professional Turntable (internal stock preamp/ADC removed)
– TCC TC-754 RIAA Phono Preamp (new regulated power supply, added LM7812 regulator)
– Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 MkII (96kHz / 24bit)
– Adobe Audition CC 2019 (recording)
– iZotope RX 7 Audio Editor (manual declicking, EQ subtraction, additional adjustments)
– Audacity 2.3.0 (fades between tracks, split tracks)
– Foobar2000 v1.4.5 (tagging, dynamic range analysis)

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NrAAZemSi5G-tiXGON6jrtTwDWllBWIE?usp=sharing

Enjoy, & feel free to leave a comment below! :)


  1. Another fine transfer, sounds awesome. Thank you.I'm sick of all these crap reissues that are released with crap sound.

  2. Always like Christmas day when something new appears here ....thanks so much for this Canadian classic !

  3. Thanks a million mate! This sounds great and what a band! No words can describe how grateful I am! cheers!

  4. What a great record and a terrific job of mastering!! Thank you.

  5. Is That the same Donnie MacDougall who was in the later Guess Who lineup?

  6. Wow, thank you for this. This is amazing. Now what about the "Duck" version of "One Ring Jane" and "Kill The Pig". Please and thanks.!