Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Precious Metal - Demonstration Recordings

Precious Metal - Demonstration Recordings
Original Cassette / Reel-To-Reel Demo Recordings
~ThePoodleBites rip in 96kHz / 24bit FLAC + full artwork~

This is some of my favorite post-Omnibus material. Precious Metal was one of one of Jay Polt's post-Omnibus bands featuring his then-wife Cheri on vocals. The sound is quite a bit different from that of Omnibus, but some of the demos here are quite exemplary -- the original demo of "Ships," for instance, is an incredible little gem with Jay singing into what sounds like a portable tape recorder. It has the low-fi appeal of many private acoustic masterpieces, and even features female backing vocals. 

All of the tracks presented here are previously unreleased recordings from guitarist Jay Polt's archives. Thanks so much for sharing these songs with the world, Jay!

Also, the cassettes here were transferred by myself, but most of the material (on old 1/4" stereo 15ips reel-to-reel tapes that required baking) was transferred by @noxid on his semi-professional machines. A round of applause for his amazing efforts here! Thanks again for everything, man!

Track Listing:
01) "No Reason" -- 3:17
02) "Mean Man" -- 3:06
03) "Rack My Brains" -- 2:11
04) "Johnny Was A Hell Raiser" -- 3:25
05) "Ships" -- 3:52
06) "Sugar & Spice [Mix 1]" -- 3:18
07) "Sugar & Spice [Mix 2]" -- 3:09
08) "Rack My Brains [Alternate Demo]" -- 2:26
09) "Ships [Original Demo]" -- 3:54
10) "Rack My Brains [Alternate Version]" -- 2:14
11) "Mean Man [Alternate Version]" -- 3:11
12) "No Reason [Alternate Version]" -- 3:25


P.S.: If anyone has access to a 2" 30ips tape machine for playing multis, let me know. There are a few more tracks for which no stereo mixdown was ever made. 

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